Artificial Intelligence

Data Ethics


About Me

Hi I’m Marc!

I speak and write about Data Science, Data Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.

Currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Working for KPMG. Alumnus of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

What I do

I build bridges between technical skills and business needs.

I secure that Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions are Trustworthy, Profitable and Ethical.

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Webinar: AI & Existential Risk

KPMG Connect, Collab & Inspire Festival
AI will become smarter than us and yes, you should be scared of this. I talked about how to reason about superintelligence and what we can do to control it.

Teaching Python to refugees

Refugee Talent Hub
I teach Python coding to students with a refugee background. This is both fulfilling and humbling, as I get to meet exceptionally bright and motivated students.

Guest lecture: Fairness in AI

TIAS Executive Master IT Auditing
TIAS is an internationally top-ranked business school. I give guest lectures on how to measure and account for fairness and bias in AI.

Webinar: In AI we Trust?

CRAP Talks London
CRAP Talks is London’s biggest Conversion Rate Optimisation, Analytics and Product meetup. I spoke about the importance of auditability to instill trust in AI, and why transparent AI alone is not sufficient.

Co-founder Zephyr

Eindhoven Student eSports Association Zephyr
Together with 5 friends we put eSports on the map in The Netherlands. Zephyr currently sits as one of the largest student sports associations in Eindhoven!